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Maya Salfati Designs combines artistic vision with impeccable project management to deliver stunning custom interiors – whether for a single room or an entire house.

Depending on the client’s needs, our agency can manage the entire design process (from design, through planning and procurement to execution) or focus on particular elements of the interior design process.

We offer a free consultation to tailor our service to your project.

Design: this first step involves planning the concept, styling and space planning. Everything in our interiors – from the layout and lighting to the joinery and furnishing – is meant to resonate with the client’s way of life. We elaborate our vision with the client, using mood boards, sample boards and 3D renderings. We prepare preliminary budget estimates to help decide on the next steps of the process.

Detailed planning: this comprehensive phase prepares for the work ahead. Our agency produces all of the necessary technical design plans for the builders and manufacturers who will produce the custom items (kitchen, furniture, joinery). We prepare detailed budgets, timetables and a scope of work to ensure an impeccable, seamless and cost-controlled realisation of the design.

Procurement: in this phase, we leverage our network of suppliers to purchase all, or part of, the design elements. All of our discounts are passed on to the client. We also organise delivery logistics (including cross-border), quality control and, eventually, on-site installation.

Execution: this is the realisation phase, where we select and supervise builders and manufacturers, carefully track the progress and budget (all spending is handled via a dedicated client account), and ensure the quality of the work delivered.

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